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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Progress

In our first year of programming, five students joined the Young Entrepreneur Club and began to develop their business ideas during weekly lunch meetings at Blanche Ely High School. We also implemented The Lemonade Workshop which took place during study hall classes and engaged students in social-emotional learning activities, guest speakers, group discussions, interactive games, and teambuilders. We reached approximately one hundred and fifty students
through The Lemonade Workshop. 

In our second year of programming, twenty students joined the Young Entrepreneur Club (YEC) at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach, FL and fifteen students presented their business ideas and/or completed products at the end-of-the-year event called Shark Tank showcase. The YEC visited eight local businesses for behind-the-scenes tours and we had twenty-six guest speakers join us at Blanche Ely. We worked with approximately three hundred students through The Lemonade initiative.

In our third year, twelve students participated in the Young Entrepreneur Club. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we moved to hosting weekly meetings on Zoom. We recruited forty mentors so that each student could have access to multiple mentors. The mentors joined the weekly meetings where the students learned about different business topics and discussed their goals, then checked-in with their students throughout the week. 

In our fourth year, The LeSane Project hosted a community field day at Oceanway Park in Jacksonville, Florida. The field day included relay races, egg-n-spoon races, a water balloon fight, a kickball game, step performances, prizes, and free food provided by Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at Edward Waters University. There were approx. sixty people in attendance from the ages of 4 - 60 years old. At Northwestern Legends Elementary School, we hosted five Lemonade Workshops with two fourth-grade classes. We hosted one virtual Lemonade Workshop and one in-person Lemonade Workshop (sponsored by the Children’s Services Council of Broward) where we were able to reach a total of fifty youth. 

In our fifth year, The LeSane Project reached a total of one hundred and twenty youth through The Lemonade Workshop. In May 2022, we received our first grant from the Community Foundation of Broward for $2,500 to start The Lemonade Club. We also received a grant from Comerica Bank to support The Lemonade Club.

In year 6, we founded The Lemonade Club at Pompano Beach Middle School with twelve girls. The Lemonade Club is a prevention program that teaches teen girls how to build healthy relationships, cope with stress, and plan for their futures. The club held weekly meetings after school that consisted of journaling, group discussions, teambuilders, games, sets & crafts, guest speakers, a group picnic, and an end of year Lemonade sale.  A total of ten girls completed the program and improved both socially and academically. In December 2022, The LeSane Project received $3,000 in funding from the Community Foundation of Northeast Florida’s My Village Project to support The Lemonade Club. For the 2023-2034 school year, the My Village Project awarded The Lemonade Club a $4,500 grant to support programming.

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