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The Lemonade Club is an afterschool program that focuses on anti-bullying, coping with stress, building healthy relationships, mental health awareness, parental support, entrepreneurship, and college and career readiness. We aim to help girls who are falling behind academically or socially and lack the tools to improve on their own. 

The Lemonade Club encompasses the following:

The Lemonade Workbook and The Lemonade Journal

Weekly progress reports to be completed by teachers 

Games and team-builders that build social connection

Activities and discussions that teach youth healthy skills to cope with

stress and manage their emotions

Guest speakers representing various backgrounds and professions

A Lemonade Sale that teaches critical thinking, problem-solving,

and entrepreneurial skills

Our Objectives

To increase the self-awareness and confidence of young girls.

To provide new ways to cope with stress and encourage self-care practices.

To empower girls to excel academically and prepare for a successful future.

To teach girls how to build healthy relationships with their peers through targeted activities that focus on communication and teamwork.


Words From a Student

"I learned different things to do when I’m stressed, I also learned to never hold a lot in and it’s
good to talk to somebody."

Words From a Student

"What I liked most about TLC is that Ms. Lesane makes us feel comfortable and we can talk
to her about anything."

Words From a Parent

"I saw a major improvement with my daughter’s behavior and attitude towards others."

Ready to Start a Club?

Want to make a difference in the lives of girls in your community? Consider bringing
The Lemonade Club to your school or program. Our program teaches girls valuable leadership skills and tools for success. Empower the next generation of leaders and help us spread
our mission of turning Lemons into Lemonade.

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