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LEMONADE: A Workshop Series for Girls

Lemonade: A Workshop Series for Girls has been designed to center the experiences of girls.

We believe this workshop series is a critical intervention to counter the negative stereotypes and ideas around what it means to be a girl. This workshop is grounded in the belief that every girl is unique, dynamic and valuable. Through this workshop, we aim to learn with girls,

listen to them and provide them with an opportunity to engage in workshops that encourage them to create the life they wish to live.

We believe every girl deserves to be celebrated and reminded of her worth. We further believe that every girl deserves to feel beautiful, loved and important. We find this to be especially important in a society that often teaches girls to internalize shame,

harsh criticism and unrealistic expectations.

This workshop is a starting point to encourage girls to move beyond the limitations that

have often been projected onto them.



  • To encourage girls to acknowledge and identify ways they have overcome and/or survived obstacles.

  • To encourage girls to identify their strengths and assets through hands-on activities and guidance.

  • To encourage girls to map and brainstorm possibilities for their futures collectively and individually.

  • To encourage girls to connect with and learn from peers in a positive environment.

Past Workshops: 

Mitchell Moore Rec. Center - February 2017

Pompano Beach High School - May 2017

Mitchell Moore Rec. Center - April 2018

Blanche Ely High School - December 2018

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