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The LeSane Project is an initiative that focuses on using mentoring, entrepreneurship, and the arts

to drive positive educational and economic outcomes.


Our Goals​
  • To enhance the academic success of at-risk youth.

  • To teach middle and high school students the concept of community entrepreneurship.

  • To provide students with a space that encourages and enhances social-emotional health. 

  • To expand the minds of participating youth by exposing them to a variety of career choices and paths. 

  • To enable youth to create the life they wish to live by providing opportunities for higher education, gainful employment, internships and/or apprenticeships. 




  • ​To date, we have assisted 16 high school students with starting their business.

  • To date, we have invited over 50 guest speakers to come in and share their stories of success
    with the students at Blanche Ely High School.

  • To date, we have visited 9 businesses in Pompano Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  

  • To date, we have engaged over 100 youth at our community field days.

  • To date, we have interacted with over 80 girls at our Lemonade Workshop Series for Girls.

  • To date, we have helped 7 youth receive first-time job placement or a career-related internship.

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